Nikolai Vavilov

Vavilov, the poor son of a rural soviet agricultural merchant became a leading crop and food scientist to battle starvation. During the Siege of Leningrad in World War II, nine Soviet scientists died of starvation while protecting Vavilov’s institute at the world’s largest seed bank, refusing to eat what they saw as their country’s future.

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  • Vassall was lured into a homosexual honey trap by the soviet KGB in 1950s Russia. As homosexuality was illegal in both the UK and Soviet Russia, the KGB blackmailed him into becoming a spy against his country.
    John Vassall
    1924 - 1996
  • Petrov was in charge when the USSR's satellite signal reported five ballistic missiles had been fired by the USA. He had to make the decision to retaliate and enter a nuclear war, or distrust the computer system.
    Stanislav Petrov
    1939 -

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